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The First Overseas User Experience Center of GWM in Bangkok

On October 4th, the Great Wall Motors (GWM) Thailand User Experience Center was formally completed and opened to the public.

It is the first overseas user experience center of GWM which is located in the beautiful and prosperous ICONSIAM super-commercial complex on the Menam River in Bangkok, Thailand. This user experience center is characterized by new positioning and new concept. Its establishment embodies the relentless innovation of the channel ecosystem of GWM on the ASEAN market and the continuous advancement of its globalization strategy.
GWM Thailand User Experience Center is officially established

At the opening ceremony, Steven Wang, vice president of GWM ASEAN region, introduced that "The GWM User Experience Center is positioned as the 'fourth space' for users in addition to home, office and entertainment. Focusing on the idea of co-creation, sharing and co-growth between GWM brand and users, it conveys the life proposition of fun, love and quality so that users can feel the vitality and temperature of the brand while interacting with the brand."

The GWM User Experience Center covers a total area of 1638 square meters and is divided into upper and lower floors. It is located on the third and fourth floors of ICONSIAM super commercial complex. The overall design maintains the high-end, concise and fashionable style of the GWM brand, and functionally, it integrates multiple scenarios such as product display, brand culture, theme communication, leisure and entertainment to provide users with a diversified service experience.

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E-Bike Market - Global Forecast to 2026

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The color of the exhibition car can be selected through the smart touch screen

Between the first floor and the top floor of the experience center, a slide runs through it from top to bottom. The unique and interesting scene creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for users. On the first floor, there is GWM product experience park, science and technology laboratory, brand interaction area, creative conference hall and leisure talk room. In addition to the streetscape GWM product experience area, the top floor also has reading and learning area, GWM coffee bar, shared kitchen, and hanging garden.

Users can not only manipulate the intelligent electronic devices to experience the intelligent functions of GWM products, and to understand the latest brand and product information and service information as well as the culture, technical strength and global layout of GWM brands, but also can share life pleasure, learn and communicate, and organize rich DIY teaching activities in areas such as conference halls and leisure talk room, while sitting in the hanging garden surrounded by green plants, and overlooking the prosperous streets on both sides of the Menam River is a big feast for eyes.

“In the high-potential market of Thai automobile brands, we hope to integrate GWM brand culture, concepts, smart products, technology and so forth into the lives of users so that they can perceive the brand connotation and temperature of new energy, new intelligence and new experience," said Narong Sritalayon, marketing general manager of GWM in Thailand. "At the same time, in terms of the interests and concerns of users, we will continue to tap the diversified needs of users, carry out brand innovation and management, and maintain brand vitality."

At present, GWM has established a multi-modal channel system integrating online and offline channels such as super experience stores of new retailers, urban sales showrooms and super APP in the Thai market, which is in line with the consumption habits of Thai users. The establishment of the user experience center not only shows the further improvement of the channel system, but also marks the innovation and upgrading of channel layout of GWM on ASEAN market, and injects new momentum into the global development of GWM.

Source: Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd.
Date: Oct 9, 2021

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